The Grand Hotel

The last night of the trip we stayed at the Grand Hotel in Taipei. It was so beautiful and full of culture. When we walked in to get checked in a couple who just got married were getting their wedding photos done. She looked so pretty and it was so fun to see.

Later after checking in we went on the tunnel tour with Dr. Lin. We also got a tour of the hotel along with that which was interesting. I didn't realize  how big the hotel was. We got to go down one of the tunnels all the way to the end.

After the tour Abby and I went down to the Shin Lin night market. I really liked this night market compared to the Keelung night market. It was more little shops instead of the mass produced items. I bought some other souvenirs and tried some food while there. It was way cooler than the other night market in my opinion.

For dinner Abby and I found the First Lady Coffee shop outside the hotel. We ordered pizzas and ice-cream. The ice-cream was so good! Everyone at the café was really sweet and helpful when we tried ordering.

I had a fun last night in Taiwan. It was relaxing and really cool to stay in the Grand Hotel!


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