Soochow University Visit

Visiting Soochow University was fun. I like talking to the students that attend the school and getting to talk about Taiwan.

During our visit we got to see 3 presentations on various topics. I was so impressed with their English skills, I have so much respect for the students that get up in front of us and speak in another language. I would be so nervous! We also got to talk to the students and get to know them a little. I talked to Toni and Hedy at my table, Toni spoke English pretty well and was able to understand us better than Hedy. It was cool discussing Taiwan and the night markets with them, and they told us what we should and shouldn't eat.

After the visit we had one of the best lunches ever! We had a group lunch at the Tokiya restaurant and it was awesome. I really liked that you had options to pick from, it was delicious and one of the best meals of the trip. It was all presented beautifully and tasted awesome.

After lunch we went to the National Palace Museum which was neat. It was full of Chinese culture and artifacts. They had really beautiful pieces throughout. I like the jewelry and vases the best.

The lunch was my favorite part of the day haha. The food was so good!!

Overall I really like meeting new people in Taiwan, it was really nice talking to the students from Soochow University.


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