The PwC visit was interesting. The start of the day was very fun. Dr. Lin's dad came and taught us how to do calligraphy in the morning. We each got a paper, brush and ink to try it ourselves. I don't think I'm very good at it haha, but it was fun!

Then we took the train to PwC. We were welcomed and listened to presentations from employees there. Frank was the main presenter and he was really nice and answered all of our questions. They really like working for PwC and shares their  experiences with us. They also served us lunch which was so good especially the tomato soup.

After the PwC visit we took a bus ride to the O'Right company. I was looking forward to this because I really believe in sustainability and bettering the earth. We watched a presentation on the company and what they do and then we went on a tour of the building. The company seems fun to work for and it's a really interesting method for shampoo and other products. We also got to shop around at the end, I got a free body wash to try for liking their Facebook page. I'm excited to try it when I get home and I might even end up ordering more products if I end up liking it. 

For dinner Abby and I ended up finding a cafe that served a lot of American food and it was so cool there. It was called the Rolling Café. They were really friendly and the food was so good.

I had a fun day around Taipei! It was very busy but so much fun, my favorite part of the day was definitely visiting the O'Right company and eating a cheeseburger and fries!


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