The Beach

We finally saw the beach! NSYSU is located right on the beach.

We got to the university a little early so we got to go see the beach first before going in. The campus is right along the coast and it's pretty. The black sand was a little freaky though.

After visiting the beach we took part of the tour of the campus until we got to a classroom. We watched 3 presentations of student's consulting projects. The class was full of students from other countries like France, Bulgaria and others. They all spoke English really well! Their presentations were professional and really in depth. They really knew what they were talking about. I was really impressed.

After the university visit we visited a fish company called Ju Lin Trading Co. The company creates bioengineered fluorescent fish. This was interesting and they were pretty to look at. We got to see a few exhibits of different fluorescent fish and algae. The scientists just created the first medium sized bioengineered fluorescent fish and we got to see those too. They had been working on it for years so it was cool to see the finished product. The house was so pretty also. It was a really cool visit I wasn't expecting pretty fish I was expecting gross smelly fish.

The day was a nice, more relaxed day. I really like getting to visit other university's and talking to other students. I'm always so impressed with their English skills. The fish were really neat too. I love bright neon stuff so it was cool to see fish that were created to be that way.


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