KPMG in Tokyo

The KPMG visit was awesome! Today was a really fun day. In the morning we had our KPMG visit in Tokyo. This is one of the things I was looking forward to the most, and it was great.

I was very surprised by how awesome there English was. I really like the presentation all together, especially the first two guys that acted out the business card etiquette. They were funny. The tour around the office was cool because we got to talk different partners, as well as compare the office to the KPMG in Pittsburgh. It was pretty similar surprisingly.

I really liked when we got to socialize and talk to the two staff members during lunch. It was so interesting to hear about their everyday life as well as their global experiences. I feel that they were so much more adventurous than me. Risa Sawada and Kenta Nagahama were the two staff members at our table and they were so friendly. Risa said she studied in Los Angeles and in Australia. Kenta said he visited Oregon State University. I thought that was so crazy because they are so open to traveling to new places and learning another language. It was so cool to me. I'm so happy with our KPMG visit and am excited to visit KPMG in Taiwan.

Later in the afternoon we visited the Senso-ji temple. It was huge haha. Then we got to go shopping at all the fun little souvenirs shops. I bought my friends and family cool stuff.

For the evening we had free time so Abby and I went to the mall across the street. We shopped around and then had dinner. I had the best salad of my life and French fries haha. It was a fun last night in Japan!


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