KPMG in Taipei

The day we visited KPMG was awesome. We had a cool surprise lunch and got to see Taipei 101.

We started the day off by going to the Taiwan Stock Exchange which was also in Taipei 101. We watched a presentation on the exchange and how it compared to other exchanges in the market. 

After visiting the stock exchange we got to shop around for bit until lunch time. Lunch was amazing! The CEO of KPMG couldn't make it to our meeting today so he had a lunch for us. We had lunch on the 85 floor in the Panorama restaurant which was very fancy. The view was amazing, my table was right next to the window so I got to look out as I ate. We also got to talk to an employee from KPMG that sat at our table. His name was Chuck and he spent a lot of his life in the United States before coming back to Taiwan. It was interesting to here about his life and how he got to where he is now. I also felt it was a lot easier talking to him about our experiences and culture shock. He spent a lot of time in the US and experienced a little bit of cultural shock when he came back to Taiwan. He also said he missed pizza a lot haha. The lunch was such a fun surprise and way better than anything I would've gotten from the food court haha.  

After lunch we visited KPMG. We had a presentation on the company and it's culture and values. We got to ask a lot of questions which was helpful for our KPMG projects. We also took a tour of their office which was neat. I  like when we tour the offices it's interesting to compare the differences of each location. 

Overall the KPMG visit was fun. I really liked our lunch. The view alone was amazing! Now we have visited each KPMG location(Pittsburgh, Tokyo and Taipei). It was very interesting to see the similarities between countries, as well as the differences.


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