First Day in Taiwan

Our first full day in Taiwan was so fun! We did a lot of tourist things and visited a lot of beautiful places, it was one of my favorite days so far. We had perfect sunny weather!

Our tour guide Jun is really cool, he tells us a lot of information about each place we visit. First we traveled to the mountains. We took the scenic route and drove through all the windy roads it was kind of scary to look over the edge when we were getting up the mountain haha. After that we drove to the gold museum. It was really cool and pretty there. There was a lot of forest surrounding the walkways and it had such pretty views.

For lunch we went to a restaurant with the best view! The food was delicious, I got the Kung Pow chicken and it was so good. The best part of the restaurant was the view looking down over the water and hills. After lunch we got to go shopping which is always fun for me. I got to buy some cute souvenirs and walk around and see the little shops and food.

After shopping, we got to visit the waterfalls! It was beautiful at the park. It was so pretty to see and it was such a nice day. The waterfalls were a lot bigger than I thought they would be, it was so hot that day I just wanted to go swimming haha.

We also got to release sky lanterns later in the day. We got to write our wishes down and then we released them into the sky. Releasing the sky lantern was one of the things I was looking forward to most so it was so exciting to do.

For dinner that night we visited our first night market in Keelung. It was actually one of the craziest experiences from this trip so far. It was packed with shops and food and people!! I was too afraid to eat anything, some of it was crazy looking haha. It was a cool place to see though.

The day was packed full of super fun things to do. I saw some of the most beautiful views, and can't wait to show everyone pictures when I get home!


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