Adventuring Tokyo

Adventuring around Tokyo has been so exciting. As a group we are traveling throughout the city by train. This can get very hectic and crazy at times especially during rush hour, but Dr. Peng and Dr. Lin get us where we need to go! Wednesday was another very busy day in Japan.

We visited IFRS Asia-Oceania in the morning. It was interesting to learn more about global IFRS, and how it works. It was also cool to listen about taxonomy and XBRL because I learned that in AIS with Dr. Peng.

For lunch we were on our own in Yokohama. A few other students and I found a cute cookie shop that also served food. My lunch was delicious. I absolutely hate sandwiches but I got a BLT(I was not feeling very adventurous for lunch haha) and it was honestly amazing.

After lunch we met the same adorable tour guide from the day before. He was helping us get to the Nissan plant. Touring the Nissan plant was really cool. We learned a lot of history behind the engines, and how they create the engines at that particular factory. We saw them actually building the engines, the robots were a little freaky. Especially the one that drove itself around.

In the evening we had free time, so students went off to explore on their own. Dr. Peng helped a group of 5 of us make a plan to get to Ikebukuro. I was so nervous of navigating the trains by ourselves, I didn't want to get lost. We made it to Ikebukuro and were so excited. All the bright lights, restaurants, and shops were so neat. It was exactly what I hoped for while visiting Japan. We interacted with many people on the streets to get directions and everyone was so nice, one lady took us exactly where we needed. It was crazy how nice and helpful she was, it was a 20 minute walk! It was so fun to just experience the atmosphere of Ikebukuro, I'm so happy we decided to go.

Our way back to the hotel was pretty easy, finding the right line and train was a little tricky, but a woman helped us. We made it back home safely. I'm so happy we decided to explore and adventure around Tokyo.


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