Excitement and Nervousness

This May I am traveling to Japan and Taiwan for two weeks with a group of classmates from Robert Morris University. I'm extremely excited for this opportunity but also very nervous. The trip is going to be full of new experiences, people and culture.

I'm most excited to experience the different cultures. I've never traveled outside of the United States before, or been exposed to a lot of different culture. It will be interesting to see the differences between America, Japan and Taiwan. I'm also very excited to visit KPMG in all three countries(Japan, Taiwan and America). It will be fun to do a project and learn about the differences of the company in each country. Also to network and meet new people. I'm also excited to try the different types of food from both countries, I'm sure that most of the food will be completely new to most of us.

Although I'm very excited, I'm also nervous too. I'm nervous to just travel in general. As I said I have never left the country. I also have never flown on an airplane before, so the thought of a 15 hour flight is extremely scary. I'm also nervous about the cultural shock that was discussed during an orientation meeting. Japan and Taiwan are going to be different from America, so I hope that I can adjust quickly. I'm also nervous to interact with the professionals in the two countries. I don't want to do accidentally do something disrespectful because of the different cultural norms.

Overall I think the trip will be a very fun, exciting and eye opening. I'm going to experience a lot of culture and learn a lot about Japan and Taiwan. It will be a great experience that I will always remember from my time at college.


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